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Bobcat Services

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Skid Steer For Small Projects

At EARTHTEK, we understand that even small projects require big expertise. Our Bobcat services are tailored specifically for your smaller-scale projects, ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way. Whether you're looking to remove an old pool, lay the groundwork for a new garage, remove driveways and patios, or need expert concrete removal, our Bobcat services are designed to handle these tasks efficiently. Our skid steers, combined with our skilled team, guarantee that your project, no matter the size, receives the attention and professionalism it deserves.

Are you considering renting a bobcat for your residential or commercial project? Consider opting for a package that includes both the machine and a skilled operator. Our operators are seasoned professionals, guaranteeing a hassle-free and proficient execution of your project. Trust in our extensive experience and expertise to deliver impeccable results from the outset.

Benefits Of choosing EARTHTEK for your small project.

  • Skilled Operators – Get your project done faster
  • Insured – Accidents happen, but we have you covered
  • Waste Disposal – We haul away concrete, dirt, asphalt
  • Material Delivery – Need topsoil or road base for your project. We will deliver and spread any materials you need for your project.
  • Multiple Attachments – We bring the right attachments for the job. No need to rent additional attachments
Bobcat being used to remove plant

Pool Removal Services

In San Jose, EARTHTEK is your go-to expert for pool removal services. If you're considering reclaiming your outdoor area by removing an unused or outdated pool, our team is here to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free process. Our approach is not just about removing the pool but also about taking care of the aftermath. We efficiently remove your pool, haul off the concrete and debris, and backfill the area, preparing your space for its next phase. Whether creating a new garden or simply enjoying more open space, we make sure your pool removal project paves the way for your new outdoor aspirations.

Bobcat smoothing out land for new driveway

Expert Excavation for Footings

In San Jose, preparing the ground for new constructions like garages, home additions, or outbuildings starts with expertly dug footings. These smaller projects are a great fit for our Bobcat services. Our service focuses on excavating the area for footings with precision and care, setting the stage for a strong foundation. Having worked on large-scale excavation projects, we understand the critical role that properly excavated footings play. Our experienced team is equipped to handle the unique soil conditions and excavation challenges of the San Jose area, ensuring that your project's foundation starts on solid ground.

bobcat loading concrete into dump truck

Driveway Removal Services

Being the leading concrete driveway installer in San Jose has required us to remove a lot of driveways, and when removing driveways, we always turn to our trusty skid steers to do the heavy lifting for us.

EARTHTEK offers driveway removal services in San Jose, catering to asphalt and concrete driveways. If you are an avid DIY’er and want to install your driveway, we can help remove the existing driveway, haul old concrete away and bring in base materials if you would like. DIY is not your thing? We can help from start to finish with a new asphalt driveway or concrete driveway.  

Asphalt driveway being removed

Patio Removal Services

EARTHTEK specializes in patio removal in San Jose, efficiently clearing old or unwanted patios for your new outdoor plans. Our team tackles removing all types of patio structures, ensuring a clean and debris-free area ready for its next use. Whether you are planning a new patio design or a different landscaping project, our service ensures your space is prepared for transformation.

Asphalt piled up ready to be hauled away.

Specialized Grading Services for Small Projects

EARTHTEK offers specialized Bobcat grading services in San Jose, specifically tailored for small-scale projects. Whether you're embarking on a minor construction task, creating a new yard, or implementing water and erosion control measures, our team provides the precision and care needed for smaller projects. We understand that even modest projects require accurate grading to ensure success. Our services are designed to prepare your site perfectly, providing a solid and level foundation or effective drainage for your smaller-scale endeavors.

Bobcat trenching for new power line

Small-Scale Trenching Services

EARTHTEK's trenching services in San Jose are specifically designed for small-scale projects, providing solutions for installing new water lines, sewer lines, and running underground utilities. Our expertise in small-scale trenching ensures that even the most compact projects are executed with precision and care.

Your Partner for Bobcat Sized Projects in San Jose: EARTHTEK

At EARTHTEK, we're committed to providing top-notch services for your small-scale projects in San Jose. Whether trenching for utilities, grading for landscaping, or removing an old driveway or patio, our team is ready to bring expertise and precision to your project. We understand the unique challenges of smaller projects and are dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

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