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Parking Lot Paving

Parking lots are, to a business, like the sidewalk leading up to someone’s home. If it’s unkept, cracking, has holes, damaged, or visibly aging poorly, potential visitors just aren’t going to want to make their way into the structure. At EARTHTEK, the leading commercial paving company in San Jose, we love transforming an old or unfinished space into a beautiful asphalt lot. Don’t worry, though, we know how weird that sounds - we just like to continuously offer the best asphalt work in the region.

What to Expect When Partnering with EARTHTEK

We don’t want to sound overconfident, but there are two things that are almost a certainty when partnering with EARTHTEK. The first is that you’ll absolutely love the work we do for your business. The second is that you’ll absolutely love the customer service you receive when working with us.

The reason we’re so confident in those matters is because we actually make the effort to ensure that our work is the best in the Bay Area and that our focus on customer service is second to none. Because of this foundational notion, we will work closely with you to make sure your needs are met along the way, and that includes with scheduling. EARTHTEK will work sectionally or on weekends if your business needs asphalt contractors that do so.

New Construction

If you’re in need of a new parking lot or other commercial asphalt project, we’re here to help. We’ll start by forming the area for your lot by excavating the space. From there, we lay the base and tamp everything down as needed to establish a firm base that can last the test of time. We then grade the surface to allow for both a smooth driving experience and proper drainage.

Parking Lot Replacement

If you look at your parking lot and thing to yourself, “Yeah, it’s time to get that replaced,” you’re probably right. Generally, an asphalt parking lot needs replacing for a handful of reasons, including:

  • Neglected maintenance schedule
  • It’s old enough to run for president
  • Near-constant flow of traffic

Whatever the cause, EARTHTEK can help remove and replace that old asphalt while ensuring that the underlying base layers have the stability needed for a modern asphalt surface.

Parking Lot Asphalt Overlays

More often than not, you won’t need to replace your entire parking lot. EARTHTEK can help you make that determination if you’re unsure. If replacement isn’t necessary, we can do an asphalt overlay for your lot, which can save your business a lot of time compared to the previously-discussed option.

There are a few maintenance precautions that will need to be taken care of (grass and landscape trimming, surface cleaning, etc) that we will discuss with you, and there is a small chance we will have to mill, or grind down, certain areas to ensure the lot drains properly and traffic doesn’t experience abrupt jumps or dips. From there, we apply a strong adhesive tack that binds the old and new asphalt to each other. A few hours later and your lot will look and feel like new again.

Why Choose EARTHTEK?

As a family-owned local Bay Area business, we can actually have a conversation with you about the planning and execution of your commercial asphalt needs. We don’t believe you should have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution, so we won’t try to push one on you.

Your business is a unique entity, and it deserves to have its parking space planned and designed in such a way that it allows as many potential customers onto the property as possible. But it should do so without taking away from the charm or beauty of the structures and surrounding area.

Likewise, we won’t inundate you with calls or waste your time, but we certainly don’t mind having you monitor our work and keeping conversation with us - your level of interaction with us is entirely up to you, and we’ll appreciate you either way.

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