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Grading Services

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Grading Services

Grading is a method of preparing for construction that ensures adequate water drainage and prevents erosion. As San Jose’s leading provider of grading services, EARTHTEK Grading & Paving sets a high standard for laying strong foundations for any construction project.

Our family-owned company only uses industry-leading equipment operated by skilled operators. Additionally, we are licensed and insured. When you need safe, effective grading services for your project, we’re the team for the job.

For residential projects, we do our best to avoid disrupting the neighborhood. With commercial development, we’ll help you stay up to code while you build from the ground up. Call us for expert grading services today at (408) 478-9402.  

Site being grade for a new restaurant build

Driveway Grading

Driveways should have the proper slope for water drainage and for safety of  you and your family. Professional driveway grading does both and is a crucial first step in any residential or commercial driveway project.

When we prepare land for asphalt driveway or concrete driveway, we start by ensuring that the terrain is solid, stable, and angled appropriately for driving and parking. Then, we adjust the slope of the land to ensure that water will divert away from the property rather than pooling in uneven portions of the land.

Parking Lot Grading

Parking lots require careful grading to provide water drainage and ensure stability through years of driving and parking. During our parking lot grading services, we use bulldozers and motor graders to create a flat foundation that:

  • Allows for easy driving and reliable parking
  • Diverts water away from buildings
  • Prevents drainage issues
  • Meets ADA compliance requirements

Our San Jose crew is well-versed in the local codes and municipal requirements to prepare for parking lot paving.

Site Development

Evaluating and adjusting the land gradient is essential in preparing any construction site. When a construction site’s slope is too steep, it can allow for fast, uncontained water drainage, eroding the soil and negatively impacting the foundation’s durability.

You can trust our EARTHTEK Grading & Paving crew to prepare your construction site adequately for building.

Grading on a new construction site.

Rough Grading

Rough grading is the first stage of the land grading process. During this step, we use heavy machinery to shift dirt, rocks, gravel, and other earth materials to create the proper slope for your construction project.

Final Grading

After completing rough grading, our team will move to final grading, which involves fine-tuning the site using more precise machinery and techniques. We’ll eliminate any contours in the land and create a smooth, even finish.

Parking lot with final grade before base is installed

Cut & Fill

When preparing land for roadways, buildings, or railways, we’ll cut and fill to adjust the ground elevation and slope to the project requirements. We also can add and remove topsoil during our standard grading process to level uneven ground.

At EARTHTEK, we take pride in delivering reliable, expert grading services throughout San Jose. Contact our experienced crew at (408) 478-9402 to request a free estimate.

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