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Concrete Patio Installation

EARTHTEK installs and repairs concrete patios in the San Jose area. Do you have an underutilized lawn and want more freedom to use your property for family gatherings or parties with friends? Add a bright, attractive, and durable concrete patio with convenient access to your back door and backyard landscaping. 

At EARTHTEK, we take a conscientious approach to every detail of the installation process. Concrete patios need to be level for functionality and stability, so we make sure the ground is compact and level before installation.

Our experience with concrete patio installation in San Jose allows us to efficiently coordinate with city and local government offices to secure permits when we need them and confirm that the patio design and installation process meets requirements. Benefit from a compliant, high-quality, durable concrete patio that expands your living space. 

Benefits of a Concrete Patio

Concrete patios stand up to everyday wear and tear better than plain sod or other types of backyard decking or patio materials. Unlike wood decking, you won't have to worry about concrete warping or rotting over time. 

Concrete is less expensive than other types of materials, such as paving stones and brick. You can't do better than concrete for durability on a budget.

Concrete patios are easy to maintain. You won't have to do much more than sweep and occasionally pressure wash your patio to keep it looking like new for decades. Concrete is less expensive than pavers and gives you more flexibility if you want your patio to have a contoured shape.

If your concrete patio sustains any damage from a storm or accident, don't worry — concrete patios are easy to repair. If your needs change over the years, you can add to your patio by calling EARTHTEK back to pour additional sections of the patio in whatever shape or dimensions you need for your outdoor living space.

Why Choose EARTHTEK for Your Concrete Patio?

EARTHTEK is a family-owned company with a fantastic reputation in San Jose for quality outdoor patios and attentive customer service. Our fully licensed and insured team is highly proficient in a wide range of concrete patios. We take on residential and commercial concrete jobs, so we're the concrete contractor to call if your warehouse has a concrete floor that needs fixing or your backyard needs a convenient spot for outdoor relaxation, meals, or get-togethers.

Call EARTHTEK today to speak with a representative and get an estimate for residential or commercial concrete work, driveway paving or parking lot paving including concrete driveway and sidewalk repair.

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