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Commercial EV Charging Station

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EV charging stations provide a convenient service that keeps customers shopping, working, or living longer at your location. Drivers can charge their EVs while they go about their day. This perk can attract more environmentally-conscious consumers to your business.

With California banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035, transitioning to EVs is critical. Expanding charging infrastructure prepares businesses for the inevitable EV future.

EARTHTEK is uniquely positioned as a turnkey installer of commercial EV charging stations. Unlike other contractors, we have all the in-house services required to handle your EV charging project.

With over 15 years of experience, EARTHTEK is the leading full-service paving, concrete, and earthwork company in the San Jose metro area. We offer a complete range of construction capabilities, including paving, concrete work, utility trenching, drainage, grading and more.

This breadth of services means we can seamlessly install EV charging systems without the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors. We handle everything from initial planning and permitting to electrical and concrete installations to final paving and striping. Our integrated approach minimizes disruption to your property.

EARTHTEK has the proven expertise to deliver convenient, reliable EV charging tailored precisely to your needs. Contact us today to get your business fully equipped for the electric vehicle future with turnkey EV charging station installation.

EV Charging Station concrete pads

Commercial EV Charging Station Process

EARTHTEK provides complete, turnkey services for installing EV charging stations at commercial properties. Our full-scale capabilities allow us to manage your entire charging station project expertly.

Planning and Consultation

- We work closely with clients to understand your EV charging goals and develop a customized plan. This includes site evaluations, equipment recommendations, and budgeting.

- Our team handles all permitting and coordinates with the local municipality and utilities throughout the process.

Site Preparation

- We prepare the site by trenching for electrical, relocating underground utilities, grading, excavating, and pouring concrete pads. Our earthwork expertise enables efficient prep with minimal disruption.

asphalt cut for trenching EV stations

EV Charging Station Installation

- We install the charging stations, hook up power, and ensure proper functionality. For power, we partner with licensed electricians to safely and effectively connect the EV supply equipment.


- Once installation is complete, we repair the existing parking lot or landscape with asphalt patching, concrete curbs, landscaping, and other finishes as needed.

Patching done on utility cut for EV charging stations.

Striping and Signage

- Finally, we apply parking lot striping and markings for the EV stalls and add visible signage so customers can easily find the new charging stations.

III. Common Questions About Commercial EV Charging Stations.

Are there rebates and Tax incentives for Commercial EV Stations?

Yes. Pacific Gas and Electric Company does offer some incentives for business owners who install charging stations. You can learn more about these incentives here.

California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) does provide some funding for property owners. You can learn more about CALeVIP program here.

Finally, the federal government provides tax incentives to property owners who install charging stations. The program is under Form 8911.

We recommend consulting with your accountant first, to ensure your property qualifies.

How Long Does It Take To Install EV Stations?

The time required to install commercial EV charging stations can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. For a basic dual charging station setup, installation may take 1-2 days. More extensive projects with multiple chargers, trenching for electrical, paving, and other site work could take 1-2 weeks.

Our team will provide a detailed timeline estimate based on your needs after an initial consultation. We develop efficient installation plans to minimize disruption to your property. Our full construction capabilities enable us to work efficiently and deliver a timely, professional installation.

EV charging station with new concrete curbs

How Much Does It Cost To Install EV Stations?

The cost of installing commercial EV charging stations depends on many factors, including:

- Number of chargers

- Charger type (Level 2 or DC fast charging)

- Electrical work required

- Trenching/utility costs

- Paving, concrete, or landscaping repairs

At EARTHTEK, we provide free, no-obligation estimates tailored to your specific project requirements. Our EV charging experts will inspect your site, understand your needs, and advise you on cost-effective solutions.

What Are the Different Kinds of EV Chargers?

There are several levels of EV charging stations to meet different needs:

Level 1 - These provide charging through a regular 120V household outlet. They supply about 3-5 miles of range per hour of charging. Level 1 works for plug-in charging at home but is generally too slow for commercial settings.

Level 2 - The most common public charging option. Level 2 stations operate on 240V power and provide 10-25 miles of range per hour of charging. They are suitable for destinations where drivers park for several hours like workplaces, shopping centers, etc.

DC Fast Charging - DC fast chargers operate on 480V or higher power to provide 50-100+ miles of range per 30 minutes of charging. They are ideal for quick top-ups at highway rest stops and convenience stores. However, DC fast chargers are more expensive to purchase and install.

Do Public EV Charging Stations Need to Meet ADA Requirements?

Yes, public EV charging stations must meet ADA accessibility requirements. Here are some key considerations:

- At least one charger at a location should be ADA-compliant for wheelchair access. This includes sufficient clear space around the charger, accessible controls, and a mounted cable for easy plug-in.

- The path leading to the ADA charging station must be accessible, preferably with a slope not exceeding 1:48.

- ADA-compliant signage should clearly indicate the accessible charger.

- If charging is fee-based, payment systems must accommodate disabled users, such as featuring buttons reachable from a wheelchair.

- EV chargers should be carefully placed to avoid blocking accessible parking spaces or obstructing accessible routes.

At EARTHTEK, we know California's stringent ADA laws and can ensure your EV charging installation meets accessibility requirements. We will advise you on the optimal ADA-compliant equipment, placement, signage, and other elements. Making EV charging accessible to all customers is essential for both legal compliance and promoting sustainability.

Installing EV charging stations is an excellent way for commercial properties to prepare for the electric vehicle future. With transportation rapidly shifting towards EVs, businesses need charging infrastructure to accommodate eco-conscious customers and remain competitive.

EARTHTEK offers full-service, turnkey installation of EV charging stations for malls, office parks, apartments, and more. Our complete construction capabilities allow us to expertly handle your entire charging station project from initial planning to final restoration. We minimize disruption so you can focus on serving customers.

Future-proof your business and tap into the growing EV market by partnering with EARTHTEK. Contact us today for a FREE estimate and consultation. Let our EV charging station experts advise you on the best equipment, placement, and installation plan to meet your specific needs and budget.

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