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Trenching & Underground Utilities

Trenches play an essential role in any residential or commercial construction project. Trenching allows for the installation of underground utilities. But any such project requires skilled professionals who understand San Jose’s codes and regulations. 

At EARTHTEK Grading & Paving, we have the training and experience needed to dig trenches for underground utilities. Our family-owned earthwork company provides reliable trenching services to construction managers throughout the Bay Area. Contact our team at (408) 478-9402 today for a free estimate.  

Drainage Trenching

Utility Trenching

Many people don’t consider how integral underground utility lines are to their daily routines. Quality utility trenching ensures that everyone can access clean water, sewage transport, electricity, and other essential utilities.

But preparing for utilities is a complex task that requires intensive training. Underground electricity uses strong currents and high voltage to power surrounding buildings. A contractor who doesn’t handle sewage lines correctly might expose a neighborhood to unsanitary waste and health hazards.

At EARTHTEK, our skilled excavating contractors have the proper licenses and qualifications. During the utility trenching process, we use specialized machinery to dig large trenches that are deeper than they are wide, allowing for the efficient placement of utility lines.

Our utility trenching services include:

  • Water, sewer, gas, and electricity pipe installation and repair
  • Data cabling
  • Irrigation system installation and repair
  • Pipelining
  • Storm drainage installation
  • And more

Wet Utilities

Wet utilities are utility systems allowing liquid or fluids to move into and away from a property. Professionally installed wet utility systems should work well and be unnoticeable. But when they malfunction, they can create problems during construction and for property owners after the building is complete.

Top-quality wet utility preparation ensures the proper functioning of your utilities for many years. Our expert trenching services can prepare your property for the following wet utilities: 

  • Water lines
  • Stormwater drainage systems 
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Fire main systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Pump stations
  • Catch basins

Before breaking ground in San Jose, CA, call us to ensure that you lay a foundation that follows local codes. As an experienced trenching company, we use state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to lay the groundwork for clean water and sewage movement. 

Wet Utility Trenching

Dry Utilities

Dry utilities include essential services like electricity, gas, internet, cable, and phone lines. Preparing the ground for these utility lines can prove dangerous without the proper training and equipment.

Our skilled machine operators will ensure precision and care when creating trenches for the following:

  • Communication cabling
  • Onsite Electrical conduit
  • Onsite Gas 

We begin by assessing any existing underground utilities on the property and determining how we can incorporate them into the new utility plan. We also liaise with utility companies throughout the trenching process to ensure that our trenches meet their specifications for future utilities.

Wet trenching for storm drains

With services ranging from grading and excavating to trenching and paving, EARTHTEK provides the solutions necessary to prepare your construction site for building. Call our trenching contractor team at (408) 478-9402 to schedule a free estimate.

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