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Parking Lot Sealcoating

Your asphalt parking lot takes a lot of abuse from traffic and weather. A parking lot will last for decades with proper maintenance. Sealcoating is one form of maintenance that can maximize the life span of a commercial parking lot.

Asphalt sealcoating protects your parking lot by filling in tiny cracks and fills small surface voids. This helps prevent water from entering in the base. If your base becomes waterlogged, it can no longer support traffic. Additionally, as asphalt oxidizes, it loses it pliability. Asphalt that is not pliable is more proven to crack, which can let water enter the base materials.

Sealcoating Increases Pavement’s Lifespan

With a regular parking lot maintenance schedule, you can expect your parking lot to last for 25-30 years. Without sealcoating or maintenance, you can expect a new asphalt surface to last for 10-15 years or less.

What to Expect When Partnering with EARTHTEK

When all is said and done, there are only two things that the EARTHTEK staff care about in regards to being your asphalt contractors:

  1. Our work meets and exceeds your expectations.
  2. Our customer service meets and exceeds your expectations.

Because of this, we take every step necessary to make sure that you are fully satisfied with everything you’re hiring us to do. It’s this mindset that has led us for years.

Our work speaks for itself, so the next question is, what are some of the actions we take to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations for asphalt contractors? One of the most notable options available from EARTHTEK is our flexible scheduling. If your business can’t afford to lose its entire parking lot for any period of time, we can do sealcoating and repairs in one section of your lot at a time. Can’t lose any of your parking lot during your workweek? We’ll happily work around your schedule and get the work done during the weekend. If you need the job done with a few caveats for scheduling, we’ll make sure it gets done.

While the above is a more obvious attempt at customer service we provide, many of our clients have left comments online or told us directly about a few facets of customer service we stick to that a lot of contractors seem to miss the mark on totally. Our most frequent compliments and thanks are rather telling. We’re often said we:

  • Have strong communications
  • Actually, return phone calls
  • Provide upfront and honest initial work estimates

Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Keeps Lot Looking New
    Sealcoating an asphalt lot will make it look like it was freshly laid. This makes the property more welcoming, can increase property values, and help raise the profile of those who live or work in the building.
  • Slows Wear, Tear, & Oxidation
    By filling cracks and protecting your asphalt, sealcoating also keeps slow degradation caused by oxidation, weather, vehicle oils & chemicals, and UV rays.
  • Water Protection
    Sealcoating slows down the rate that your asphalt will directly absorb water, which keeps the lot’s base layers from breaking down. That translates to protection from cracking, potholes, and severe weather issues.
  • Protection From Chemicals

Oil, transmission fluid and other chemicals will cause asphalt to deteriorate. Sealcoating helps protects the asphalt and buys you time to have it properly cleaned.

How Often Does My Parking Lot Need to be Sealcoated?

To make your lot last into the foreseeable future, it’s best to reseal your lot as frequently as every 24 to 36 months for businesses with an exceptional level of constantly rotating traffic. This is usually the case for locations like fast food restaurants, chain retail stores, grocery stores, etc.

Low-traffic parking lots or those without much traffic rotation, like those found at office buildings or some apartment complexes, can see the frequency drop to between 36 and 48 months between sealcoatings.

Please note: the above frequencies are based on averages, and every business will have different frequencies for asphalt sealcoating. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Why Choose EARTHTEK?

EARTHTEK is a local business that’s family owned and is ready to work directly with you to meet your sealcoating needs. We’re happy to work within and around your schedule while providing the best asphalt service you’ve ever seen.

Ready to get started? Give EARTHTEK a call today.

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