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Parking Lot Maintenance

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Asphalt Maintenance

Your parking lot is the first interaction customers will have with your business, and a poorly-maintained lot can make any business look like it’s dying. When a parking lot starts cracking, the asphalt starts pebbling, the stripes are barely visible, or the lot is in any state of disrepair, potential customers will avoid your location to the point of causing a loss in revenue for every tenant at that location.

EARTHTEK can help keep that from happening.

As a full-service paving contractor, we provide all the services you need to keep your parking lot looking as fresh as the day it was laid. When combined with a parking lot sealcoating schedule, you’ll have an attractive, safe lot for years to come.

What to Expect When Partnering with EARTHTEK

When boiled down to our core, EARTHTEK is only focused on two things:

  1. That you’re impressed with our work.
  2. That you’re impressed with our customer service.

With these goals in mind, we make genuine effort to ensure you have an exceptional experience when working with us. It’s why we offer flexible scheduling to keep our work from negatively impacting your customers and employees. For instance, we’ll be happy to work your asphalt in sections at a time or complete the whole task over the weekend. As your partner in commercial paving, we’ll work with you to build and stick to an optimal schedule.

Beyond sticking to a calendar crafted to meet your scheduling needs, we take great care to return your phone calls, maintain strong communication with you and your team, and provide as upfront and honest a price as possible. We know, we know - these are things all contractors are supposed to do. But, let’s be honest, many of them don’t. And that’s what makes EARTHTEK a consistently 5-star rated commercial paving company.

Commercial Sealcoating

Sealcoating your asphalt protects it from oxidation and helps prevent damage from water and other spills. By doing this, you can keep your asphalt looking brand new and extend its lifespan. EARTHTEK Paving provides commercial asphalt sealcoating solutions using top-quality materials and application techniques, honed through extensive experience in the industry.

Pothole Repair/Patching

Got potholes? Eliminate them. If you don’t, they will keep growing, guaranteed. Likewise, the bigger they get, the more they’ll cost to fix and the more they’ll cost your business even more when those potholes cause damage to your customers’ and employees’ vehicles. Let EARTHTEK repair them with our hot patching method before it’s too late.

Crack Sealing

If you have cracks large enough to notice at a glance, we recommend having them fixed as soon as possible. Similar to potholes, untreated cracks will only continue to grow and wreak havoc. As moisture seeps through, the asphalt’s base saturates with moisture and leads to more cracking and potholes. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

Parking Block Installation

Keep customers, employees, and anyone else that visits your site from running into things with parking blocks. EARTHTEK will install high-quality parking blocks that can withstand years of abuse from those who drive your parking lot.

Parking Lot Striping

The true hero of any parking lot is its painted stripes and traffic indicators. While nice asphalt keeps things looking tidy, parking lot stripes keep everything operating as they should - and fresh striping really works to bring together a great first impression for your customers.

EARTHTEK will work with you to ensure your lot striping and traffic flow are well within ADA, state, and city regulations. Get a fresh new look and keep traffic safely moving through your property with new striping and markings.

Bollard Installation & Repair

Bollards are essential for maintaining safety and order in your parking lot. They also safeguard various assets, including fire hydrants, loading docks, HVAC equipment, and more. We offer assistance in installing bollards at optimal locations to meet your specific requirements.

Speed Bump Installation

If drivers are whipping through your parking lot at speeds that lead to dangerous situations for your customers and nearby pedestrians, our asphalt speed bumps are an excellent option to help slow drivers down. Get in touch with us to discuss available speed bump options.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can make a surprising difference for parking lots that serve businesses that are susceptible to spills - especially when those spills include greasy or oily substances. Fast food and gas station lots are an obvious examples, but that doesn’t mean other businesses should let stains fester for years unwashed.

EARTHTEK is ready to get your lot looking clean and will leave your property in a state that welcomes visitors rather than repelling them.

Why Choose EARTHTEK?

As a family-owned, local business, it might be easier to think of EARTHTEK as an artisanal parking lot maintenance service provider instead of just any-ol’ parking lot contractor. We’re dedicated to making sure you’re just as happy with your parking lot as any of our previous clients.

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